Reasons you don't text a girl back?

Ive been texting this guy for about two weeks now. and sometimes he'll just stop texting me back and won't text me the rest of the day. But will get on twitter/Facebook. When he texts me he is always super flirty so I'm not sure if he's actually not interested or just busy or what.

Why do you randomly stop texting someone?


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  • He is lazy or playing games with you

    • id hope he wasn't playing games with me, but who knows =/ lol

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  • I don't understand the emphasis on texting. It's like sending telegrams.

    I don't have a keyboard for my phone, so sending a message of any substance takes 5 minutes. More information could be exchanged with a phone call!

    Why is texting important to you? I'm genuinely curious.

    • textings easier, I think it'd be weird to just jump into calling each other.

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    • Well, I assume you've already sent the text then. It's the difference between waiting months/weeks and waiting for a day or two, maximum.

      This is one of the reasons I don't text. =)

    • Thanks for the clarification!

      It's possible that text may annoy him. You'll only know if you send it.

      This is as far as I can go, it's in your hands now.

  • I wouldn't text back if busy or not interested.

  • Because he's a guy. I often don't text my girlfriend of 3 1/2 years back till days later. It's just how we are. Guys don't focus on texting as much as woman do.

    • well what would a good way to start up the conversation again? I don't want to come off needy or anything tho.

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    • Wait till tomorrow. He won't get mad. In this stage of the relationship (the first month or so), it's all about pleasing the girl. What she wants to do, where she wants to go. Just be patient. Usually guys text a lot in the first month because their trying to appeal to the girl, but not always. Then they usually slow down later into the relationship, because now your together and they don't have to try as hard anymore.

    • okay I'm gonna wait, I don't want to seem overly available to him. and I guess that does make sense

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