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I sent a text message to a guy I have been flirting with... we text message very often. Yesterday, he called me to say hi and say he wanted to visit me, today I texted him and I said,

"Hey Babe, what's going on?" he replied, Babe? it's (his name). I am good and you.

He didn't like me calling him babe? What is it that I said?


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  • Maybe he was joking!! I don't see why he would take offense to you calling him babe girls call everyone babe !! all my guy friends call everyone of hunny, pet, chicken, babe so I don't understand why he would be offended maybe he was joking!like ...ask him why he said that ...I know I would.

    • I don't understand either, but just didn't sound like joking at least to me.

    • Just ask him !!

    • That why texts can be trouble... you can't tell the emotions or the way someone says something... it could be a joke.

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  • For a second there, I thought you meant that his real name was "Babe," in which case, I couldn't see the problem.

    "Babe" is usually something that a guy calls a girl. Calling a guy "babe" is sort of like calling him pretty instead of handsome.

    • Ok... I didn't know that "babe" is usually said from a guy to a girl. so what if I say "baby" instead? and what zup with pretty? thanks for the input.

    • It really depends on the guy. "Pretty" and "babe" are considered feminine, but other terms like "sweetie" and "baby" are more gender-neutral.

  • It sounds like isn't comfortable with you using the term. Either he doesn't think of you in quite the same way, or he doesn't like to use the term babe on such a casual level.

    • This brings up a very good question: If you call someone a pet name like that, what's it mean to guys ? As a gal, I don't normally get that familiar with someone unless I really REALLY like them. Are most guys (specifically the shy guys) the same way ?

    • Pet names are fine as long as they are funny or neutral. It's more like a nickname then. Some guys are completely turned off by the whole pet name thing, I personally don't care either way and I consider myself a shy guy.

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  • Well I guess he doesn't want to have a name like babe/baby. I know a lot of guys that hate to be called that. You should just not call him that next time. At least now you know so it won't slip again.

    • Well I just thought calling him baby or babe was sweet.... I thought all guys loved that?

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    • Lol it won't slip again believe me... I know he won't be mad at me but I just don't know why he said that. it kinda hurt my feelings jejeje. I continued to text him after that but we talked like normal, not mad.

    • That's good. If anything else happens then post another question about it. I'll be sure to answer. ^.^

  • He could be just kidding or maybe he didn't like be called babe come guys like and some guys don't like that type of pet name because guys usually use it for girls but I really wouldn't even worry about all that much.

    • I didn't know it was usually used from guys to girl. I have heard it from girls. Is that what people call pet name?

    • Yeah that's kinda a pet name I've heard it from both girls and guys to he might just be joking or maybe he dosen't like being called babe