He told me to text......how do I know if I am annoying or if he isn't interested?

Met this guy on an online dating site. He told me to text him whenever I want but he only gets back to me occasionally. He talks about meeting so how do I know if I am annoying or if he isn't interested?

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  • Perhaps he's not into texting, but more into personal meetings.

    • Well at the moment he keeps trying to get me to come over to his house (not cool)

    • Yeah that's pretty bad, I mean not exactly what dating should be for you. He doesn't seem that interested, and also seems like he just wants one thing from you unfortunately...

    • I know it's just hard to get a guy interested at all when you work almost 80 hours a week *sigh*

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  • Just sit back and let him initiate

  • If he were Intrested he'd be more in touch..

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