I was just fling because I am beautiful? :)

Now I am in usa just to learn English but I am going back to my country soon.

I met a guy at a club.

I liked him at first sight and we had mingled I guess.

But I am not sure He is serious about me!

He knows I am going to go back to my country , and he is native-English speaker but I am not.

I am poor at speaking English and vecabulary.

Is there any chance he just use me as a booty call?

He invited me to come to his bro's b day party so I am kind of special to him. Is that right?

or that means nothing?

Some of my friend told me maybe I am just a fling.

But I don't know He only contact to me to go to a club or his place :(

Deep down I have kind of feeling he does not like me :( But I think I like him .

Am I stupid? how can I be reasonable?

And is that true that dating with foreinger who barely speaks English considered loser?


Thanks !


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  • is she beautiful, which language she knows, which religion, which country, does matter for arranged marriage. but when he loves you only love matters. however, you just can't ignore if he has considered the factors I have mentioned above. so do not take it very seriously as long as he approaches you with the feeling of love and confirms you ;)

    but I can tell you one thing that he likes you or respects you for sure. More over your English skill

    is more than enough to marry a English guy. Just because some girls or guys learn the language of their spouse only after marriage!


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  • I think you're just a fling

    You're not stupid

    And I don't think he sees you as a loser but be might take advantage of you not being a native English speaker

  • I suppose you were...sad really.


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