Should I text her or give her some more time to like see if she misses me?

So this girl and I met online. Things seemed to be going well. We were texting each other a few times a day. She'd initiate almost as often as I would. We went out once and I went over there once. Everything seemed great then she started this new job that put huge demands on her time. I texted her the first night to ask how it went and she didn't respond til 9pm saying she was just leaving and she was tired(I do believe her, I know several people who have the same kind of job) After that I didn't hear from her all week. I messaged her Friday to ask how it was going and she responded quickly and enthusiastically telling me it was hard work but that she was loving it. I asked her what her weekend looked like and she said mostly going over her work.I told her she could text me if she was bored or wanted to hang out. So far nothing. I know that after this next week things will settle down for her and she'll have more free time than she's had. Should I text her or give her some more time to like see if she misses me?


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  • as hard as it might be to do, I think you should let her make the next move. Clearly you have been giving alll the go lights and letting her know you are interested in her and you have already told her you were free to hang out with or text. Give her about a week or so to settle into her job and then, if she doesn't respond back in that time, then I would text her ONE more time, if she doesn't respond, then hang it up.


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  • ".I told her she could text me if she was bored or wanted to hang out." not nice, if you see her a lover, that's defeminizing her.

    "Should I text her or give her some more time to like see if she misses me?" that's a form of game playing to sooth your own insecurity, if you miss her, text her and tell her, simple. you should be initiating contact and dates and take leadership. and hurry up before she leaves you for a hot co-worker.

    • if you see her as a lover* that was supposed to say. friends ask to hang out, not dates/lovers/boyfriends/husbands, etc. and if you don't even see her regularly or in person (!) I mean what are you doing just texting her? lol. she's a woman with needs and feelings. man, I'm so tired of seeing thigns like this going on, including being a woman experiencing men being like this towards me.

    • you should be asking and setting up dates with her, leading and initiating the calling, the planning of dates and setting them up etc. come on Dude. Follow this advice and report back.

  • You're the guy, you should be initiating the conversations!

    • right on! thre is a guy supposidly interested in me right now, and he never initiates, its driving me crazy, and slowly causing me to close up to deal with it.

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  • If I were you I would wait for a bit, that way you don't seem desperate. And there is no reason for you to be the one always texting her first. Just wait and see what happens.

    • that is such bullsh*t. you do that with girls you create insecurities in women... that will come back to bite you int he future wiht that particular woman. you want to keep positive and consistent connection going. don't by into the hype of not seemign desperate by purposely not connecting with someone. come on.

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