How can I tell him I want to talk (to figure out our "relationship")?

I've made out with a guy friend (let's call him A) a couple of times, but we've never really discussed what happened and even though his best friend seems to think he has a thing for me, I'm not convinced. I'd like to have a conversation with A to figure out what's going on between us, whether we're just two friends having fun or there's something more there, but I don't know how to broach the topic with him. How can I let him know that I want to talk about this without scaring him off?


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  • just ask casually. between girls and guys guys do better with direct communication, giving him a whole big introduction will be more likely to scare him off.

    just ask him "what's our deal, are we just friends fooling around or is there something more here?" be prepared and be prepared to tell him how you really feel, even if you are not on the same page.

    because it really hurts to go on and on not knowing where the other person's heart lies, and eventually you will find out, and the longer you wait to know the more it will hurt if you are not on the same page. I'm going through that myself now.

    it's scary to talk about these things but better sooner than later.

    • that's so true but you need to have the courage...i mean you've to be ready for his response :/

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  • Talk to him about it when you've already been with him for a while.


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  • Hey girl, had same situation about a month ago. and guess what I did? I just asked him if we're dating and he told me that he's not ready to date or was really hard I mean I really like him I can say I love this guy...but didn't brought up that question again and he kept calling me and texting me...he told me that he likes me tho...anyway a couple weeks later I sent him a text asking about some ex dramas and he talked a lot and he was like I always have a friend or a girlfriend never FWB..and I was like :D and now we're dating...anyway my point is try to get him in his good mood and don't make yourself look like you're desperate or sth...and hope everythin will work out as you wanted it to be! Good luck!


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