Why can't people be more straight up?

Like when you figure out you're losing interest in someone, you just completely stop talking to them. No reason, nothing. Why do you do this? I'm the kind of person to be like "you're a really cool person, but I just don't see this working out." So they know, instead of having to wonder why the hell they're getting ignored. In my opinion, ignoring someone and severing all communication out of the blue is more mean and will hurt whoever's feelings a lot more then just being straight.

Have you done this, and why have you?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • People just don't want to bother with taking responsibility anymore. It's easier to just move on than explain yourself. And there are no consequences either.


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What Guys Said 3

  • It's cowardice, that's why people do it, they also are afraid that it may cause drama, yelling and their tires slashed.

    • lol I can see that being an issue. But I mean if you're not talking to an emotionally unstable person, I think its just kind of a respect thing to tell them.

    • Yes, but there's still a risk with no gain at all which people don't want to take.

  • I just assume people aren't that sensitive.

    • i mean maybe guys arent... but I def know many girls who have happened (me included) and just are like wtf happened? id rather have the blunt truth

    • Everyone is that sensitive, if they really care, of course they are going to be hurt that you completely ignored them. I guess it's never happened to you.

    • It's nothing personal. I mean I wouldn't do that to a close friend, and if they really wanted an explanation, leave a voice mail and I'll get back to them.

  • They aren't more straight up because they're insecure or afraid of the consequences.


What Girls Said 2

  • I am like you. I would rather just tell someone in the least hurtful way possible. It only makes sense and like you say is much less hurtful than just cutting ties with no explanation.

    • exactlyy. and by telling them, I feel like there would be less of the blowing up your phone, texting you and asking what's going on.

    • Why can't more people be like us. :)

    • haha right? =P

  • I have no problem stating what's on my mind.. I like to be straight up with people.. I believe honesty is the best policy.

    • same here, seems like a lot of people these days would rather just take the easier way out tho

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