She's Late for a Date, Again! Not for Straight People. be exact, never even showed and left me waiting for 2 hours for the third time before I had tea & left.

She really likes me and I like her, but she has stood me up on 3 separate dates that we both agreed on.

She is really quiet aggressive and tough and has a very very good memory, but...did she really space something this important 3 times?

I do not know what to think, I guess I am asking for opinions please.

I normally walk a post route and deliver mail to her Monday-Wednesday, its how we met. I am 21 she is 27.


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  • 3 times is too much. Unless she has a really good excuse or tries to make up for it, I would ditch her.

    • She apologizes a lot about it, both the first & second were very late the same day when I had just fallen asleep.

      But..i do not know if she is getting cold feet or if I am doing something wrong. It makes me feel horrible like I am doing something wrong because we can sign for hours [talk] and are really close.

      Should I try to get the courage to ask her directly about it? just... looking around for someone else my best option? Should I try just once more? Or am I glutton for punish

    • Does she have a really difficult job that leaves her really tired? Give her the benefit of the doubt and believe her, but don't pursue another date with her. She messed up, and she needs to be the one to ask you out on another date and she should pick a time and place for it that's convenient for her. Since you two aren't seriously dating yet I wouldn't ask her directly about it, it may just cause more drama between you two than what's needed, but if she ditches you again you'll know to move on.

    • She works as a IT Manager for a company, so is is really stressful and tiring for her.

      I really will take your advice and let her contact me and set the time and place this time so it is perfect for us.

      We both have salary jobs and work the same hours, so it should have worked out I thought.

      So, just one more time, yes yes, on her terms completely & thingies.

      Thank you, I really will try it & pray for the best.

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  • why not for straight people? dating is dating.

    • I was not the most sure straight people would exactly understand what I am going through, so I really thought that having someone who has my or like orientation would help. Because... guy & girl interactions differ from girl girl / guy guy in my mind, but it might not be 100% true..but that is how I feel about it.

  • No way. That's way too many times leaving you hanging.

  • You should say something to her about it or you can do what I would do and not bother with her anymore. Standing you up three times is ridiculous. If it happened once and you received a phone call instead of just sitting there waiting, that would be fine, but certainly not three times. It's extremely disrespectful.


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