If you could get almost any guy / girl you wanted, would you use all those opportunities? (4 short Q's)

1. title ^

2. are there any handsome charming men with that "special thing" who are not players?

it seems they all know very well that they are handsome...

3. what kind of girls are players usually attracted to?

4. I'm personally starting to believe you have to chose between loyalty/personality and looks with men, you can never have both. what do YOU think about that? you may also answer this for girls :)


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  • 1, Of course? D: I'd have the the best, hottest, nicest, best dressed boyfriend ever!

    2. Probably not, I tend to fall for that type of guy too and I've yet to find one who wasn't a jerk.

    3. I think probably all girls, but obviously the more attractive the better to them.

    4. Maaaaybe...I think guys eventually grow out of that though. I think that's why most girls often go for older guys as they are more mature.


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  • 1. Yes I would.

    2. Yes there are.

    3. Easy types.

    4. I think you've always got to keep looking, never settling.


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