What do you think? I've got two questions?

1=if a boy doesn't call a girl everyday it means he is not interested ?

but whenever we were talking on the phone I keep quiet and he keeps telling me hey you don't want to talk do you really wants to talk and I said after 12 am don't call me so he doesn't call for a while! he said I want to call but I go home 2 am and said at night we can talk better... so do you think he is not interested?

2=he also asked me out 2 weeks ago I said no because I'm not used to go out with a lot of guys and stuff , 2 days ago I called him to say happy birthday he said I wanna see you I said OK but I didn't say where or when... I wanna go out with him maybe I can know what he really wants from me ? could he just said to me I wanna see you just to be polite


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  • 1- I'd be scared if I was called everyday, firstly because it's quite a clingy action, and secondly because I haven't got a phone D:

    2- I predict that he's going for a double murder followed by an emotional memorial on the internet which will be seen as the symbol of humanity for 2 days, before people forget they even had a memorial. I'd bring a spade to dig a grave for you both :/

  • Guys don't contact a girl everyday to not be too clingy.

    He wants to see you for real.


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