Guys how often do you text?

if a girl is just a platonic friend, but a good one, how often do you text?

I have a friend that texts me daily. usually for hours. on his day off, its nothing for us to exchange a few hundred texts, on top chatting while gaming. when he's working, I'd say 50+ most days. he texts me on lunch break, and then after he's home we text for the rest of the night until he goes to sleep.

a couple of my friends think he's into me. actually they say that a guy doesn't text a girl that much, and for that long, unless she's more then just a friend.

just wanted male opinions.

for the record, we're both single. both pretty shy. we know quite a bit about each other and have a lot in common. and we do flirt a little bit, sometimes a lot.


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  • I've never texted a platonic friend that often. I don't even text my closest friends that often. The girl I'm interested in I text the most of anyone, and it's not even close to how much that guy texts you. I will sometimes talk to her a couple times a week. Sometimes it will just be a quick text to see what's up, other times we'll exchange texts for hours. Adding them all up and dividing by the time I've been talking to her, it averages to about 650 texts (sent/received, not just sent) a month.

    i think to make any kind of assessment you'd have to know how much he texts OTHER people, not just you. I have a feeling if he's texting as much as you say, you probably are texted way, way more than others. It seems like he considers you one of, if not his best friend...and probably is interested in more than just friendship.


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  • Depends... If they seem chatty lately maybe a few times a week. If we get into a long convo then it might go on an off for hours several days in a row. If she seemed busy that last time I talked to her then I won't text her until she texts me again. I figure, their life is full at the moment and they can get to me when they have some time.

  • Not that often do I text. I used to text a lot when interested in a girl, but never making that mistake again.


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  • Who knows? My one "guy friend" and I sent over 6000 texts in a month...and guess what? He only liked me like a don't believe that to this day, not even for a second.


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