How do you put off vibes that you are worth getting to know and don't want to be treated like a piece of meat.

i get hit on all the time. I hate it! I'm so socially awkward though. I suck at dating, well getting a date. I keep thinking that guys are just assuming that I want to have sex with them at first but then when they realize I'm a "Good Girl", yes that is what I have been called, and I don't totally understand it, but They don't want to talk to me anymore or even hangout, that's what it feels like.

i don't drink or smoke, I don't really party or sleep around, I'm a student and I work. Are girls who are the opposite of me considered "bad girls"?

im so clueless about dating.

I keep thinking that guys just don't like me.

i keep wondering, did the guy lose interest? Does he think I'm a prude? Am I just not his type,? he was definitely drawn to me physically and I know I'm smart and have interesting things to talk about. Am I talking too much? I'm generally a quiet person though so I decided to be the one to start off conversations and still I can't keep the same guy interested.

Im loads of fun and plenty down to earth, that is what my girlfriends tell me, they don't see anything wrong with me and say that any guy should want me. They have suggested that I ask a guy out and I have tried that too but it seems like the guy has lost interest or he thinks I just want to have sex with him and then he makes every conversation about sex and I feel awkward because I feel like I don't even know the guy yet.


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  • if they lost interest, they were only interested enough to have sex with you.

    For guys, that's a lower 'bar' then wanting to date. To want to date, you have to want to have sex with her, find her attractive enough that having sex with ONLY her seems worth it, and like her personality.

    Now be aware that even 'relationship' focus guys want sex.

    I think you want to communicate (if its true) that you are also interested in sex. With a boyfriend. Lots of sex, lots of hanging out, lots of talking and interesting sharing. And guys who think 'i'd like a cool and smart girl to hang out with, talk about stuff, and have fun in bed with' will be interested. And guys who don't want that will leave you alone.


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  • Just tell him to stop talking about that and acting so sexual. A real man will respect your boundaries. And if he truly offends you then he should apologize. A real mans next move would be to get to know you more, make you more comfortable around him, and then try the flirting again. If you're truly interesting, you guys should have no problem getting to know each other.

  • I think the problem is more with those guys than with you.

    • I agree. I think it's more about the types of guys you are running into.

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  • whenever I encounter a problem in my life or a repeating pattern, I play a simple game. I play the devils advocate with myself. I try to see myself through the eyes of the guy(s) who are approaching and I try to identify what keeps drawing the sketchy individuals, creating the same result, or hindering me in some way.

    This small bit of self reflection might be helpful. good luck!

  • If all they wanted was just sex, and it sounds like you want something more, then it's better they just lose interest. It will save you a lot of heartache later. Just keep meeting more guys & I'm sure you will meet a guy who wants to be with you for more than just your body.


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