Why does he have to argue with EVERYTHING?

We were on our way home and I was talking about how this house burned down. I said at first I thought it was arson, then I thought maybe because it was really really old and abandoned that it could have been an electrical fire from not being taken care of or faulty electrical work. He had argued with me about every angle saying that it couldn't have been an electrical fire because if it was faulty to begin with the person owning the house would have fixed it years ago.

Why does he have to be so stubborn?

Why can't he just say ok?

I never win in any argument. EVER. For all the guys out there saying girls always win, its a lie. I NEVER EVER WIN. Even if I am actually right.


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  • Actually, I know a lot of guys (including me) that have this problem too... It's just a sense of superiority and I guess you could call it a complex. Sometimes, it's just wanting to correct them because you know the truth and you want them to know too, other times it's just "I've said this/done this already, no going back" for no apparent reason. I doubt there's anything that could be done to break that stubbornness, at least completely. It's just something you have to deal with, and if anything, bring it up with him. Hopefully it won't turn into another argument... but it might.

    Good luck, just voice your opinions and try to stay calm.


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  • He wants to feel superior all the time.. he wants to show you that he's smarter than you, so instead of arguing just be positive to whatever he says... for eg. he says it wasn't an electric fire.. just say yeah, maybe it wasn't. agree with him, you can be sarcastic to tease him.

  • Your boyfriend has a disease. I'm sorry nobody brought it up to you earlier, and I do hate being the bearer of bad news but.. your boyfriend.. he has.. well.. he's an a**hole. :/

    • "has a disease - he's an a**hole" - OMG LOL! Second good laugh I've gotten from this site today. Thank you!

    • You're welcome, lol.

  • Cause he is insecure and feels the need to validate himself by being right all the time.

  • Because you would respect hm less if he just agreed with you all the time.

    • That honestly makes a lot of sense! I love him for who he is. I would rather argue with him daily then have nothing to say at all. I'm just glad we don't argue every day. It adds a bit of excitement I guess. taking it out later is always fun... ;)

  • He's the dominant type.

    • I am dominant as well. We are both stubborn. I'm 90% always the one to drop it.

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  • I think the question you should really be asking yourself is why do you choose to argue with him? It takes TWO to have an argument.

    Someone recently gave me some good advice: "It's really hard for someone to argue with you when you're agreeing with them."

    While some issues may be worth fighting over, your example of a burned down house is a perfect case of something NOT worth arguing about. It could've been you who simply said, "Ok" to whatever he had to say about it.

    The fact that he has to contradict you over this and (I'm guessing) other little things shows his issues which aren't about you. Take you out of the picture and realize this is his sh*t and not yours. Either accept him for the insecure person he is, or find another boyfriend. Oh, and don't try to fix him, that's not gonna work either. He needs to figure out for himself that he does this, why he does it, and decide he doesn't want to be like that anymore. Everyone has to take responsibility for THEIR own sh*t. Your responsibility involves only your actions - whether you partake in these arguments or not. Whether you continue to put up with a guy who regularly opposes you. What HE does is beyond your control.

    • I did end up being the one to say OK whatever and drop it.

    • Well, now it's up to you to decide if this is sh*t you want to put up with forever. The need to feel superior, dominant, etc... that's just surface explanations for the true problem. He has to put you down to raise himself up (aka - he's insecure). When you feel good about yourself and who you are, what other people think about basically anything is irrelevant. Correcting someone about something should be about benefiting them so they know better in the future.

    • He says that is what he is doing. He just doesn't know when to quit. Or maybe I don't either.

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