Who do I choose? what should I do? PLEASE HELP!!

I am in love with two guys. Both who I can have a good future with. One is my boyfriend that I have been dating for a year now, the other is someone I have been friends with for almost four years and I've loved him for 3. I just recently found out that my friend loves me too but would never get in the way of me and my boyfriend. I talked everything over with him. He doesn't want to be the reason I break up with my boyfriend, he wants me to see where we go. I am afraid of things getting so serious with my boyfriend that if I still want to be with this other guy, I wouldn't be able to break it off with my boyfriend because I love him and I can't do that. My boyfriend does not know how I feel about my friend. I am too afraid to tell him because if I do, I think he will break up with me...and then if I go with my friend and it doesn't work out, I have lost any chance with my boyfriend forever. ...i am very close with my boyfriend's family as well...i would lose a lot one way or the other...

Please help me...i have no idea what I should do...! :(


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  • Honestly, I'd say just stay with your current boyfriend because it seems like the easiest choice. I mean, your other friend even said that you shouldn't break up. If you and your current boyfriend have already been dating for a year, that shows that you and him are already having a successful relationship and you don't even know how a relationship with your other friend will be like.

    Basically, you should stay with your boyfriend because it seems like it's the best choice. 1) You stay friends with the other guy, 2) If you DO break up, and it's not your fault, you could have a chance with the other friend still. 3) If you break up with your boyfriend now, it'll probably cause some awkwardness and tension to build up between the two of you.

    In the end, it's still up to YOU to decide. If you REALLY like your other friend, go for it. But if you're split down the middle, stick with your current boyfriend. Good luck.

    • Thank you! Should I tell my boyfriend how I feel about my friend?

    • Not sure if you'll see this, but anyways: I'm not too sure actually... I was thinking about it myself, and like you said he might not like how close you are with the other guy. But, it's better for you to tell him than for him to find out through somebody else, right? Sorry, but once again, this is up to you. Honestly, I don't think it's THAT big of a deal, since you haven't done anything with the other friend anyways & it can't be helped that your old crush ended up liking you.

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  • your boyfriend is already your boyfriend, you might as well stay with him.

    but why'd you get a boyfriend if you already loved someone else?

    • I thought there was no chance with my friend and when I began dating my boyfriend I thought I was finally over the other guy, but just recently I've figured out I'm not at all over him

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    • Because he said he was too busy with college for a relationship and at the time he felt he couldn't be reliable. But now he said he feels better about it

    • hm. well I still say stay with your boyfriend. try to talk to that friend a lot less and tell your boyfriend everything.

      if he finds out another way, he'll dump you, most likely.

  • You should choose your boyfriend...


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