Should I go for a dip kiss?

I haven't seen my girl for a week or so. We aren't official yet but we have been friends for a long time and just had our first date last week. I'm pretty taken with her, and she told me she plans on being in a committed relationship with me. So, next time I see her I kind just want to walk right up to her and kiss her. But I want her to really feel how much I've been missing her, so I was thinking about trying a dip kiss. I've never done one before and I'm planning on just doing a little dip.

But anyways, girls is this a good idea? Otherwise what would be a great way to kiss her when I see her next?


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  • If a dip kiss means a pop kiss then yes. But if you want to french kiss her you might want to wait until the two of you are alone and comfortable. Touch her first and see how she responds. Hold her hand, tuck her hair behind her ear, etc. If she seems open, go in for a short kiss. And if she likes it, keep kissing her.

    • Yes, if I dip her I'll only go for a nice normal kiss. We haven't frenched yet, I'll let her take the lead on that one.

  • That sounds so sweet! Don't go all tongue-y or anything, just a nice kiss.


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