Girl will "break contact" once I stop pushing.


Girl tells me that she will call me in 30min.

It takes 2h

I bitch about it , tell her to f*** her self and then we still end up being together.

Healthy as I am... (no more drama, no more complaining)

Girl; I'll call you in 1h...

It takes 6h...

girl: hi...i just came from the gym...sorry I was gonna call earlier.

me; Its fine...I was asleep anyways, so you good?

girl: were sleeping?

me; yeah...

girl: oh...well...I'm going home now.

me: sure...take care.

They f***ing hate this sh*t and they tend to "break up with me"

Another example (with another girl) whom I text msg.

me; heey, what's up?!

2h later...

girl: all good I'm at work.

me; nice have fun!

it goes one day and I get this

girl : I wanna break up

me: ok

*usually they still want to see me after "they break up" but I ignore them ****s to hell.

What's your take on this?!


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  • You should really stop swearing at girls. They don't like it.

    • just help me out here, please.

  • My take is that you need to work on your grammar. I am having a difficult time reading your material.

    • il work your ass. how is that for a grammar?

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    • haha! I am impress by the miracle in mirror part! Very intelligence. But please, let's all be polite here.

    • now ain't that a miracle ;)

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