Should I be in a relationship with this guy?

I am dating this guy who I can figure out easily because he is open and expressive and philosophical. he knows what he wants in life. While I am introvert as I take time to open up to new people. and I am less philosophical and I am on a phase where wondering what to do in life. I am considering, whether I should be in relationship with him, any advice? we are different and in different phase in life...


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  • The most important thing to consider there seems to be, how does he relate to you? Does he accept your lack of philosophical aspiration, or does it frustrate him? Communication is important here, because if you accept each others' positions, it could work out quite well. He could help keep you grounded, and you could inspire him. Difference of motivation is hardly as important as mutual respect and understanding.


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  • I think that shouldn't stop you from giving things a shot.


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