How do I know if I like this girl for real?

I've been friends with this girl for over two years. We have friends in common, and usually that's the only time we hang out together. She has all the traits a guy would want in a girl. She's always got a smile on her face, even in tough times. She's generally drama-free. She works very hard and has her priorities straight. Not to mention she is very pretty.

The thing is it's complicated. I can't imagine what our friends would say if we did date, let alone what it would be like dating her. I've thought about it a lot. Some days I want to be there for her, and I wouldn't mind her being there for me, but then I don't know if I could like her like that. I hate to say it, but I don't know if I hold back because she's kind of thick. I must admit I'm a skinny guy so I tend to go for girls around my size.

I guess I want to be in her life and be there for her, but how do you tell someone that without hitting on them. Or am I just being shallow about the whole thing and need to give her a shot.


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  • I really think you should give this girl a shot. Weight should really have nothing to do with it (I mean, if she's morbidly obese you could hold back, but don't be a jerk). I'm a little on the curvy side and I've dated stick-thin guys before. It happens and the awkwardness wears off.

    As for your friends, it won't be a very big deal. At first they will probably be shocked, and then they will like it or think it's cute. Nobody is going to judge you for going out.

    If she is as great as she sounds, you don't want to pass her up. Just try it. Maybe take her on a date or something before you jump into a relationship.


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  • I think you think you're worried about what everyone else things, but really you're worried about what you think. If you're embarrassed to be seen as her 'boyfriend' because she's overweight, even though you like her, it isn't going to work. You need to love the whole person, their good sides and bad sides and be proud of them regardless. If I were you, I would just remain friends.

  • you are concerned about what your friends think, as if they have a say who you put your d*** into. it's a bit disturbing to be honest, when I meet men who are this peer oriented, often middle class white men.

    often skinny guys who say they won't hit a girl a little heavier than them... are often virgins too.. once they start feeling what a woman's ass is like... heh, it does not really matter much anymore.

    or do you care that your friend's think she might have a fat ass or whatever, lol.

    you should be giving ANY woman that gives you the green light a shot, or pusrue any woman you feel something for. learn and explore, live.


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