This girl I like started dating another guy? What do I do?

Well I just met her recently and we started hitting it off. There is another guy, and I didn't pick this up at first, but have found out recently.

He has liked her a long time and when he saw me with her he kind of went crazy. He started doing everything he could to get me away from her and went all out to try to get her spending tons of money on her and guilt tripping her.

Now she's started dating him and won't spend time alone with me cause he is always hovering around her 24/7 but still acts like she likes me.

I honestly feel she is more attracted to me, but I guess he made her feel more valued?


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  • This guy sounds super controlling and is obviously threatened by you because he knows there's a spark between you. How long have they been together? If it has been less than a couple of months and is not very serious I would suggest just letting the girl know how you feel. Not declaring your undying love, just let her know your interested and that you would like to date her. That way she has all the options. And she will choose. If it's not you, then you need to move on and forget about her. But you won't know unless you ask right? ;) I would say though that if they have been together a fair while, it might be better to just leave them to it, and respect the boundaries. If you think it might be worth a shot and you really like her, go for it. What have you go to loose?


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  • I think he just got to her first. He made the move to be official before you did. Maybe talk to her about it before it gets too serious. If you can't, just be there for her and when it ends she might want to go to you.

  • Tell her how you truly feel about her, then let her decide what she wants to do, you can't do anything else really. If you really like her-let her know before they get more serious! Good luck!


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