Is it better that we be just friends? Is it even possible?

Me and my girlfriend have been friends for like 2 years now and we were really close friends, it was only like 4 months ago that we found out that we're in love, thing is she moved to Australia last year for college and stuff, so I've been in touch with her on whatsapp and viber they really helped a lot..

I love her and I really do, and I think I made her love me too, I've been really faithful when am here and she's thousands of miles away, and I am willing to wait for her to graduate, actually by that time I have my plans to do my higher studies since I graduated this year, and will have built my own life :) wish me luck!

Here is the problem: she's orthodox christian... And I am.. Um.. Muslim ^_^ (I come in peace) we're both sudanese from sudan

And lately we've been having some arguments and we don't know how will things work out as for marriage, her family are just too orthodox and they're the type that will hunt her down or kill her... and she loves her family specially her father... And she doesn't wanna hurt anymore, and its really bothering her.. She's been sick since she was 14 she uncontrollably vomits blood when she's really sad and crying... Its really hard on me too to see her cry.. Specially if its because of me

We thought If we could stay friends, until she's graduated, and I'm done with my studies.. Then reconsider if we could get through this together and get married..

Yet she can't do it..

She's coming to sudan 2 after weeks and will stay form a month

Sometimes I wish I never made her love me.. It's all my fault :(

I don't know what to do, I don't wanna hurt her anymore...


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  • That's a really tough situation...I'm sorry to hear that.

    You both have your own religious views and I respect that, the problem seems to be her family and that sounds like a very dangerous situation if they are tee type that would hurt her over something like that.

    The reality is that she can't avoid hurting someone, she either disobeys her family, or she breaks up with you, which if you both love each other, will hurt both of you.

    I do believe that love is strong enough to overcome these issues, but it's her family that you need to convince.

    From the looks of things you need to talk to her family, tell them how much you love and care for her, tell them that you're going to make a success of your life and look after her to the best of your ability, tell them how you respect their beliefs and would never try to force any of your beliefs onto her (although I recommend talking about this with her first about this plan, if you decide to do it) and probably don't do it until she goes back to Australia...just in case.

    You can both get through this and I wish you the best of luck.

    • I told her I would talk to her father when I have finally built a successful life, I will show him how much I will take care for her and how much love I have for her and how much respect I have for your beliefs, but I don't kno if she could take all these years and wait for me.. But there's also her uncles who are much worse than her father.. Any ways we are trying to act like just friends.. Don't know if we can do it :/

      Thank you very much for words :)

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  • " her family are just too orthodox and they're the type that will hunt her down or kill her... and she loves her family specially her father."

    Nuff said.

    "She's been sick since she was 14 "

    Sad :-(


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