Does he mean what he says?

So this guy names Nick that I'm am soon going to date lives far away, we Skype and talk and were having a long distance "relationship" we have been looking for someone like each other for a long time, and he realllly likes me,and he's coming to see me in December and meet my family, Were becoming sorta serious and we would of dated sooner but the distance is hard and I'm not sure if he's the one yet but its a high possibility he is. we planned to finish college cause we both only have 2 years left and then I would go to where he is and move there,ill have enough money. and we would be able to be together. He says he doesn't want to wait too long to marry and he doesn't want to play any games and I'm what he's prayed for, i feel the same. anyways! this goes into my question sometimes I'm not sure with guys and I need some confirmation or some help from another guy or even girl. these are some of the things he had texted me when I was out, we text a lot cause calling costs and its easier. but he said this:

"Wow that's awesome! Very smart of you :) I think it would be cool if we got a tattoo together one day, maybe even a matching one if we are gonna get married :) I have thought of saving the space over my heart for a tattoo like that"

"Aww ya it would be awesome if we got one together and it was a matching one too if we get married. And trust me Daij if we get married I wouldn't want anybody else and I think at that point we would know each other well enough to be sure that we are the right people for each other. And aww ya for your kids? That would be awesome, I might get those too :p"

Do you think he really means it? or is he just saying it to please me or tell me what I want to hear, it doesn't seem like it but who knows. Guys if you said this to a girl would you mean it.


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  • Yeah he means it, he wants to marry you girl.. I thinks he's fallen deep for you and if I'd have said that to my girl then yeah , I'd have meant that seriously. and hey , All the best wishes for your future with him.

  • I think he means what he says.


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