How do you tell your girlfriend the truth behind her dressing habits?

So my girlfriend dresses kind of slutty at bars/clubs, and I think it isn't attractive at all. I've been trying to weeks to gently tell her that and she doesn't take it well at all. She's a wonderful person at heart, but I am kind of disgusted when she dresses in what she says is "Hot', and even though the dresses/skirts are "Designer clothes". I think it just looks trashy. Not trying to judge her or anything. Just want to a way of coming across as saying that she doesn't need to dress like that to look good.


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  • Maybe think of an outfit that you've seen her wear that she looked good in but that wasn't slutty. Next time you guys go out just say " hey remember when you wore such and such? Well I really liked that on you, you should wear it tonight." just compliment her only when you see her wear things that aren't to revealing, but don't say anything when she wears something slutty. Shell eventually change her look around because trust me, a girls boyfriend opinion matters a lot when it comes to what she wears.


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