What should I do? how can I get girls?

my average look always stop me to approach girls, that's why I have been single my entire life, I want to get girls, but I can't because of my look, I always compare myself with other guys, specially good looking guy.


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  • Your looks are not your problem; it is your confidence. Trust me, even average looking guys can get beautiful girls. An example is when I met my classmate's boyfriend... she was popular and gorgeous, so I expected her boyfriend to be the same. Nope.. he was an overweight meh-looking guy. But she seemed to adore him!

    So you just need to approach girls like a boss. I don't care what you do, but whatever it is, you OWN it. Your looks will not stop you. Only you will stop you.

    • Really more bs, come on I doubt he''s gonna believe any of that. I wouldn't and you know why because non of its true. Hate to burst your bubble but his confidence as 0 to do with it. And as for your classmates BF'S lol give me a break, Girls don't date meh- overweight looking men unless he's old, or rich. I'm average looking and I can have all the confidence in the world and still get ignored. And don't say its my attitude because the truth is I'm shy around women.

    • I can see you're bitter and that's affecting your opinion. I just speak what I see.

    • annonymousbastared: why are you interfering in my question? both girls honest answered about my question, so I wanna tell you get lost from here.

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  • Never heard about good looking girls going for average to not so hot looking guys huh? Believe me, its very common. Seriously, I have a few beautiful friends (judging by their popularity) who ended up with average looking men. What won them over was the men's confidence, his stability, his ability to crack jokes and his being able to treat her right and take care of her - love her like he'd die without her.. And I'm speaking from experience too... I really don't care for looks as long as he is responsible, can make me laugh and is intellectually compatible to me. That's hot chemistry to me.

  • Stop comparing yourself to other guys and worrying so much about how you look. I've actually seen lots of pretty girls with average, even ugly looking guys. Just be more confident and sociable and you should be able to get a girl no problem.

    • LOL please non of that is true.

    • Maybe it isn't in your case since you have to bash my answer. I'm a girl dummy, so I think he'd take my advice over yours.

    • And you stated you're shy. Well no crap you don't get girls, if you don't have the looks you can't stand off on the sidelines and expect them to flock to you. Obviously what we say is true since the majority of us are saying so.

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  • You don't need to be good looking to get a girlfriend. It's not even the most important thing. What is hurting you more than anything is your attitude and likely your approach. You can't expect girls to approach you because unfortunately that isn't the societal norm.

    • I hate that excuse why women can't approach men. Its not that they can't its they don't want to. And I have to respectfully disagree about the looks part most of the girls I see anywhere are dating good looking guys.

  • When you figure it out let me and 10,000,000 other guys know.


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