What are some major turnons and turnoffs for guys?

I suspect that a guy might like me. We've been friends for a little over a year now and I want to give him little indications that I like him too. What are some things I should do? Major turnons and turnoffs please :)


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  • I think you should just keep being yourself. If you've been friends for over a year, chances are, you knows what your normal behavior is, you don't want to change the way you act for someone in order for them to like you. You just need to be yourself and have them like you for you, not what you think they like.

    You can always just ask him out on a date, and you pay for everything.

    • what do guys think about girls asking them out on dates?

    • Depends on the guy. There's nothing wrong with you suggesting you catch a movie or some dinner or something. Don't say, do you want to go out with me...say something like, hey, do you wanna go check out a movie with me? I'd be flattered if a chick asked me out. It def shows she's interested in me if I'm not getting much sign wise from her.

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  • I don't like swearing, smoking, drinking, and bitchiness.

    I do like sweetness, people that can keep a conversation going, and touching.

  • Turn offs: drinking, smoking, etc


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