Any idea what this means?

Ok so I just met this dude over Facebook and we're going to be in the same school this year.. And I'm really confused on this conversation and stuff..

Me:are you going to that thing on the 20th for school?

Him: I don't know maybe why?

Me:idk just wondering

nd trying to make a conversation

Him: oh cool haha.. so you got a bf?

Me: no.

Him: oh ha ha how come?

Me:i don't know.

why are you asking me that

Him:just wondering.. sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable..

Me:no it's fine

Then the conversation went on..This is the other thing from the other day. We were talking about sports and the face that I do fencing.

Him: I gotta admit that's pretty damn cool, OK I gotta go, I will try and message you tomorrow or something

Me:oh k bye


Yesterday I said: Well...I guess you can message me tomorrow, or whatever.. Bye :/

He never messaged me..What's the deal. He did say he was shy..but... Does he like me or something? And I've seen him on Facebook lately and he didn't message me.. I don't get it.. Help and sorry it's long. Thanks


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  • I don't think he meant it literally, more like 'talk to you later'


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  • Shy and doesn't know exactly what to say to you.

    I doubt he forgot about it.

    • Yeah that makes sense.. Thank you (:

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  • Maybe he forgot about it? I wouldn't worry about it too much. Maybe it slipped his mind because he had other things to do or to think about. You'll see him in school this year so you could hang out and see how things go.

    • Ok that's what I thought.. But I messaged him yesterday and he didn't answer.

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    • Yeah that's my plan XD

      He also asked for my phone number when I first met him. I said not until I meet you in person.

      And thanks for your help.

    • Lol, good plan! Yeah, waiting till you see him in person is a good idea!

      No problem!

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