Why does he act like differently towards me around other people after this event?

Okay so there is this guy, and I really like him...So about 2months ago I went over my friends house and her brother that I like was there.

.Later on that night we watched movies and me and her brother was all alone, so he started kissing me and next thing I know we was having sex.. After we did that me and him went to sleep..The next day we didn't speak about it.. When we get around other people we don't speak a lot. But when we are alone we are always flirting with each other. I need help with this problem, why is he treating me this way after what we did? I just want to know if he is scared to show his feelings or if he doesn't want others to know what we did?

Please give me some advice

: ) prettyaxx


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  • I think it might be he's a bit scared to show his feelings.

    • Thanks, that's what I was thinking but I did want to jump to conclusions

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