How many days do I wait for him to call?

I spent this past weekend at the beach. I went to the bar.

Friday night

Met a guy, we talked, and flirted and he was very sweet. He asked if he could kiss me and he did. He then walked me back to the cottage. At one point I was ahead of him and he grabbed my arm and spun me around and kissed me and said after " I had too ". So we get to the cottage and he makes me stand up a couple steps and kisses me for about 20 minutes - he cops a feel of my butt and my chest but nothing too excessive. He smiles at me as I go inside the cottage.


afternoon - I run into him at a sandwich place and I mentioned I was going to the bar again and he says "I'll see you there."

night - I'm at the bar first and my sister just left. I see him come in and he and his friend get a drink and go out on the patio, so I think fine whatever, and I go dance with some other guys. His friend bumps into me and tells me I should go outside and talk to him.

We talk and flirt again but he mentions that he's feeling sick. I really want to see him more and kiss him again so I finally convince him to go on a walk with me. On the walk I ask him if he thought that he really would have called me, he said "honestly I don't know." I was hurt. Then he said after a bit "I remember last night though, couldn't forget that." He kisses me more on the walk and then even though he feels sick he gives me his sweater.

So on both nights; he told me I was pretty and that he likes, that he really likes my kisses.

He would have just gotten home last night (Sunday night) and its Monday evening.

How many days do I wait for him to call? At what point do I call him? Does he like me or was he lying on Saturday night even though he did those nice things?


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  • Don't wait any longer, he's taking way too long.


What Girls Said 1

  • I would wait 3 days, I know that seems like ages, but if he is still thinking about you he will call :)... and I might be old fashioned but I think the guy should always approach the girl.. but if you are comfortable enough to call him, wait the same 3 days :) good luck!


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