I sort of wish I hadn't walked away.

okay, so this guy... lets just call him "justin" ... well, he's sort of a medium class jocky.. and I used to like him. He resented me a whole lot for that... I personally think he used to make fun of me... but now, it's been about a year and I've changed a whole lot about my self -over look in life (more positive) -I'm more out going -less shy -blonde(naturally) -wear makeup evenly -better clothes -a lot funnier... and have grown up a lot. And now I'm a popular sporty type of girl... and well "justin" has still continued to be a douche bag... dated more than 98%of my friends and almost all the girls at school.Except me. And we went to this party.. .and after words, he sort of approached me through his friends... and was eying me the whole time... In other words after some awkward glances he had his friend come up to me and tell me that "justin" liked me... it actually kind of pissed me off. so I just walked away and went home with my bestie. well, I'm still pissed... I don't know if it's right or wrong, but I am. He's the school Douge and to me, will remain that way... I don't know why I don't want to give this guy a chance... he's got all the looks... but, the thing is, because I don't personally know him... I don't THINK he has the personality for me. Just a rude, bad ass jockey that doesn't give a sh*t about anyone but himself... is this wrong of me to think this way? But on the other hand... I sort of wish I hadn't walked away... like I might have feelings for this dude that I'm not very good friends with, but I'm pissed to hell and back with... help on this? do you know what I mean? what I'm going through with this dude?


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  • Douge? douche? lol

    If someone was a bitch to me, I wouldn't treat them differently. It sounds like he just wants to get in your pants and doesn't have the balls to even walk up to you himself. If you want to go out with someone who treated you like sh*t, then changes his tune after a year, dated most of the girls/friends you know. Also is arrogant/selfish and you still regret not becoming his bitch?

    If you decide to give someone like that a chance you already know the outcome and have no one to blame but yourself.

    • i don't want to give him a chance... I know how he is... I have heard stories, but my friends keep on telling me that ishould look past it, and that we would be really cute together... I just... he's not on my list of things to look forward to.

    • I don't know it sounds like he has a bad track record, friends may think you look cute but they don't understand I guess.

    • DEF. not! otherwize, I would NOT have walked away when I did.

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  • I don't think it's wrong of you to think that way...

    • simple, yet, so reasuring.

  • I was going to read your essay^^^ but as soon as I saw the

    pretend name being "Justin" I figured I didn't wanna help any more.

    Should of thought of another name. . . Why "JUSTIN" ughhh

    • why? lol, want me to change it?

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    • im a GIRL! and... oh ^ ^ okay then :) I allow you to continue your insults. (:

    • WTF

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  • he resented you for _liking_ him? and you're still _thinking_ of him? you're both learning disabled.

  • Be the girl that rejected him :D lol

    • ...thats what I am thinking... but.. feel kind of bad.

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    • not was. IS!

    • Exactly. Don't feel bad for rejecting him, sweetie. :)

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