When they don't act the way they want to be treated?

Have you ever met someone who didn't act the way they wanted to be treated?

A woman may want to be treated like a lady, but she acts like a ... a ... witch!

A guy may want to be treated like a man but throws temper tantrums whenever he doesn't get his way?

A person may want to be taken a little more seriously, but they may find themselves always joking at the wrong times.

Tell me any examples that you have, any personal stories, ANYTHING!

When you come across these types of people, (depending on who they may be)how do you handle it?

Does it bother you?


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  • When I meet these people, I call them out. I have no time for hurt feelings when it comes to hypocrites. In fact I have no time for feelings at all if they're harming someone else with their ridiculous behavior.

    Example: One time I was dating this "great person". (Lets call this person B.) First date, B tells me that they are honest, try to be kind and just wanted respect and to be understood. Second date? NO morals. Barely knew the person and after being told B wanted a strong slow relation ship, B practically raped me. ha ha Third date, insulted me multiple times, and was disrespectful to not only the waitress for out table, but I heard B lie to B's boss saying "I'm visiting a sister who's sick".

    Really annoying. Last date I went on with that person.


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  • It takes MATURITY to treat people the way you want to be treated.

    Some people simply lack it. I don't hang out with a lot of people like that, but I usually "tune out" those people and continue doing what I'm doing!

    Ive grown quite talented at blowing office that stuff. :)

  • I just don't bother to associate myself with them. These people clearly have very little challenges they've needed to face in life.

  • That happens all the time.

  • Yeah, I consider them immature, hypocritical.


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