Do this do that... Girls should I be doing this and that?

It's hard to do this and that because I just want to be around her so bad. I just to be natural. But on this site I was told ask for her number then wait a week but I don't want to I like her. I just want to hang with her. Be around her like she does me. And it goes on. Girls is it that cut and dry. Wait? Do this and that and it works? Or should I do what is more emotional and like me?
My other question is I'm really shy towards her. But not really I just don't want to make any mistakes. I can't even beleive she likes me I don't know know where it came from and she's so attractive to look at for everyone. I remember her looking at me like she wish she had me. She did the mouth dropping look my way. I feel like I don't know her but I like her so much as far as I know her. She sensitive. I don't know what that means. Guys are trying to **** block her from me since she's so hot.
How do I trst falling in love?


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  • Do what's like you.

    Whoever gave you the "this" or "that" option, probably didn't understand that once an opportunity hits you take it!

    WHY WAIT!?

    A WEEK!?

    Do you know how much can happen in a week, really!? She could be swept away by someone else!

    Take advice from your own heart, not someone else's.

    I'm backing you 100%!


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  • I'd suggest you follow your instincts.

    To me, the advice you were given promotes mind games and unless that's what you're after, you shouldn't follow it.

    If you want something real, then be honest and don't beat around the bush.

    Personally, I wouldn't waste my time with a guy who wasn't true about himself or his feelings.

    • Well dating is a gamble. You never know how things will work out but the risk can be worth the reward.

      All I can say is be positive and stay true to your own character (that's the person who caught her eye in the first place).

      Don't worry about the other guys because if she's into you, she won't even notice them.

      Good luck.

    • Thanks,

      I just asked for a way to connact her. She thought for a moment and said yes, then she said yes again... It was so cute. She said are you going to be here next Sunday right in front everyone she was shaking her head yes... Thanks for the advice it is me she for some reason is into that much... No mind games... :)

    • I'm glad to hear it :)

  • I'd feel awful if a guy waited a week to call me after I gave my number...couple days wouldn't be so bad, but I'd be thinking he was somewhere laughing at me if I hadn't heard by a week..


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