What can I do differently to start dating, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

So I don't mean this in a mean way I swear! Now I am not a gorgeous girl, I'm okay I think. I'm deff not skinny though and I think that may be the source of my problem. Anyways. I have a few friends who are bigger than I am and they have boyfriends. It drives me crazy! In my head I'm like what the hell am I doing wrong?! I dress nice, do my hair etc. They didn't pursue their boyfriends their boyfriends asked them out etc. so it's not like they took matters into their own hands. I'm happy for them but, I just want to meet someone too. My confidence took a blow this past weekend when my former friend got together with the guy I liked for 3 years. He knew I liked him and he still pursued her. My problem is that he kept me hanging on and then just gets with her. (she's thin) Him and I had a great connection and I can't help but think that because I'm not thin, that it determined we wouldn't be together.

So what can I do differently to start dating, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Thank you! :)
Kid you not a week after I posted this I met a guy and now we're boyfriend and girlfriend lol! It's once you stop looking you find someone!


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  • You know, maybe you didn't found a guy that likes your personality, traits and all.

    It isn't all about looks, hair and clothes.

    Don't need to change yourself to start dating. Try different places, try dancing, music classes, new places were you can meet people.

    I only got my girlfriend when I was 18, when I became a musician for a drama school.

    Don't change yourself, change the world you live =)

    • Yeah true I don't get out that much haha, its always hard when people around you get boyfriends. I had some in high school and then after that I started working and then nothing!

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  • You say you are not skinny, but what dimensions are we talking about?

    Sorry for bluntly asking, but it's hard to know what a woman means when she says that. Often times you girls worry about the wrong things.

    General advice though is don't waste 3 years waiting for a guy. That's like waiting to win the lottery.

    During the time while you waiting for that guy, you're not actively looking at other guys. I think that may be the problem. Everyone has to take matters into their own hands on some level. Even if you are not pursuing you still need to be actively looking. Hope that helps.

  • You're doing nothing wrong, they may just have better personalities, don't mean that in a mean way...


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  • Haha my problem as well. I have two friends who do NOT deserve what they have. Cheating, lazy, not working, etc etc. And here I am, pretty, a thicker girl, college educated, dress GREAT, hair and nails done...sports lover..i could go out...and guess what? Never had a boyfriend!? lol


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