Guys: I'm trying to help my friend out.. but I need some advice from you, can you help?

Alright, so first off..

My friend, J.. she has liked this guy for 2 years. They've been going and help out at the church for the past 2 years and have known each other that long. They talked last year and hung out after their volunteer works some nights with a group. They didn't see each other for a year until this week. They just started seeing each other at the church and talking again since Monday.

Towards the end of the week, my friend texted me saying "Hey you should meet this guy he's a pretty cool person and I like him still" Then I replied with "Sounds good, I'll see how cool this guy is for myself"

The problem was that she was scared to ask him to hang out with her and me, so she just said "My friend wants to meet you and see how cool you are, she demanded me to invite you to the mall this Friday."

We went to the mall on Friday, I met J there.. and the guy she likes was late.. he said he was coming at 3:30, but came at 6.. at that time I had to go...I only met him for a minute.

On Saturday, J and I hung out. She told me that the guy texted her saying that "Hey your friend was kinda cute,..." so he thought that she was trying to hook him and I up when she wants to be with him.

Later, a friend of J's dared her to spam text a guy a bunch of pickup lines.. so she texted the guy she liked and spammed him with pickup lines.

It made it kind of weird for him.. and she said "are the pickup line texts bothering you?" and he said "A lil" she said she was sorry, but he never replied after.

How can she fix this?

She kind of friend-zoned herself and I want her to date this guy...

Please help!

And sorry this is so long...

From a guys perspective.. what should she text him again after that whole pick up line thing and he never replied after she said "I'm sorry"?

I just want these two together sooner or later


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  • Honesty, honesty, honesty. She needs to be gutsy (help her) and tell this guy she is attracted to him and her silly behavior was caused by nerves. Trust me, the guy will be impressed by her forthcoming attitude. Then, she will find out pretty quickly if he is into her or not. He may not be, of course, but if he isn't, at least she can stop wasting her time.

    • There's a problem with that though. She doesn't want to tell him she likes him because she doesn't want him to not feel the same way and then it get awkward between them and lose their friendship.

    • Would she rather keep her feelings to herself, fawn over him, then watch him wind up with some other girl and spend the rest of her life wondering what might have been? Because that's a much worse torment than nerves and worries.

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  • I am not understand ..

  • Don't try so hard to help her, she's got to be the one who takes action.


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