How do you know if the hook up was awkward?

I just had a hook up with a guy on Saturday and I wasn't sure if I should text him. So I decided to text him and I was like hey how are you and he responded right away saying he is good and asked how I was and I was like I am good just watching TV and then he asked if I was ready to go back to school and I was like yea I can't believe it's my last year I am gonna miss home and he answered yea I understand and I was like yea :/ and then he asked what I did today and I told him I was hanging out with a friend and asked what he did and he said he was looking for a job and then he said he is going to bed and said good night and I said good night. Was that awkward or did it seem normal? Also should I text him anymore first or wait for him?


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  • That's normal. But overanalyzing it isn't. Relax!

  • Thats normal tbh if he didn't want to text or felt awkward he wouldn't of texted you back right away


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