Me and my boyfriend seem to be drifting?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for over a month now, but its already serious. Him and I were pretty good friends before the relationship. We already discussed moving in with each other and what not (his idea) he had to move to a different city recently and its been really hard on him. The first time he left he was so sweet to me the entire time letting me know he loved and cared about me and he misses me and he can't wait to see me, then he came back for about 3 weeks and is now gone again he was good the first day and after that he been so weird... won't talk very much keeping things short, we got into about an argument a day in the passed week and last night and tonight are the first time we haven't argued, accept tonight he mentioned he doesn't know what he wants anymore and I asked if he still wanted me and he said mhmm... =And I asked if that meant yes and he said yea so I said its more of a life thing then a me thing? And he said he guessed... I talked to a friend of both of ours and he had said that he gets like this when he leaves town and doesn't know when he coming back because he doesn't want to miss anyone and make things harder but when in reality it eats at me when he doesn't give me affection.. I can't tell if he doesn't want to be with me or not cause I offered to come see him next week and he said no but kinda jokingly like I don't know where the airport is but then said it should be OK if I come.. so I'm wondering if his friend is right or this is a typical he's just not that into you type of thing.. please help.
Me and my boyfriend seem to be drifting?
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