A dude's opinion on my dating profile?

I am going to be moving to Los Angeles and created a free dating profile so I can chat some people up and get a peek at the dating scene before I get there.

I think I'm a rad chick and I wrote my profile to match what I think is my personality.

The problem? I am not getting very may return messages and I can't seem to figure out why.

I have had a few guys tell me I am just not what they are looking for.

i would appreciate a man's point of view.

damn it, normally it works. I just tried to find the google link and it wasn't working


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  • I'm going to go through and make suggestions.

    "I am however awkward at talking about myself and I find it rather silly- the whole "who are you?" kinda question."

    Take this out. It's really cliche.

    "I can be pessimistic and cynical but I would rather be optimistic. "

    Try not to be negative. Maybe say, "I always try to be optimistic."

    "For that reason, I can be hard to really "get." I can be strange, sarcastic, crass, abrasive or whatever I feel like."

    You don't want to give people reasons not to message you. You can always tell people, "Sorry, but no thanks," after they message you. It doesn't do you any good to put people off from the beginning.

    "many of whom I cared for up until the day they passed."

    yikes! that's a downer.

    "When I am pissed, you know it. I don't blow up or get dramatic, but I don't take sh*t. The first thing you do or SHOULD notice about me is that I command respect. I am not a meek individual. "

    Again, these aren't negative qualities, but they might make people think you're not very friendly.

    Putting food and water in your six things might have been funny the first couple of times someone did it, but I've probably seen scores of profiles that say that.

    I think if you change those things, it will be pretty great. Also, I'm not crazy about your hairstyle in your picture without sunglasses, but I think if you wore your hair down in the same pose, it would be better as your main picture than the sunglasses one.

    • the crude/sarcastic/crass thing is my sense of humor though, that's the only correction I have an issue with.

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    • I tried to rephrase it a bit, haha.

    • Thanks for best answer. Of course I still hold to what I said, but the changes you have made have improved your profile.

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  • it kinda seemed you gave a lot of "warnings" about yourself to potentials but you backed it up with positives. some guys might see that as kind of a red flag that you would list those negatives about yourself but other guys will like that your a straight-forward, honest person. and that you seem like a girl who doesn't play mind games with boys. I think it sounds good tho. I like real.

    and by the way welcome to the city of angels =)

    • right, and its not really meant to be me being negative, I'm being real. Its cliched to say "I am always optimistic!" Plus it's not true. It's more human to say that hey, sometimes I get pissy and cynical but I try to get back to being me.

      Same with the crass/crude/sarcastic thing. That is 100% my sense of humor. I make jokes like a man.

    • exactly. no one likes false advertising (so to speak lol). and girls who can joke around with the guys is definitely hot.

  • Unless you're a hooker or a Chinese massage therapist that gives happy endings, you shouldn't do the online dating thing.

    • Why not? Its really popular now, lots of people do it.

    • Lot's of people who fail at real life do it. Try alcohol, it works miracles.

    • Thats not true at all. We are in different times. Its a new avenue to meet people. So many people in LA and other cities and these sites make it easier to get to talk to more people.

  • You put the link to /profile. You need to put /profile/Your_user_name_goes_here

  • requires a log in, sorry.

    • Your contradicting in your first paragraph... your positive but then your first sensitive doesn't sound positive at all ;)

      besides that I don't see any specific red flags, but I think if you state that your funny you should have some content in there because everyone says that but its rarely true.

  • Wish I could see it haha.

    • See it now. Nice pictures, you have a great smile. About looks good, interesting personality, though we're probably not compatible many guys will probably be interested in you.

  • Sorry, not my type :l

  • Oh god it's OKC hahahaha...

  • Not good when your name starts with the adjetive mad...For all I know you could be one of those bipolar girls with a murderous persomality, that collects male penises on jars of their victims. Or maybe you are one of those over jealous possessive chicks that get angry for everything, even because the guy might have brought butter when you wanted margerine.

    • I am talking about my dating profile I have listed in my update, not my GAG profile.

  • You seem like a crazy tbh. You at least admit to being abrasive and crazy though. I will applaud you on warning the fellas before they meet ya. I have seen your controlling and over opinionated ways on here and if you want a serious relationship you may want to consider dating a very timid and shy man that has very little backbone. Best of luck to you and the pick on your dating site is better than your gag pick-the gag pick you use appears that you are crosseyed

  • It wants me to log in.

    • Is there anyway I could see it without signing up?

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