Dear all you guys out there who are willing to answer a question or two?

what scares you away in a girl/ relationship, what draws you closer? and, what would your thought be for a girl that's blond and really pretty, and got a little sun burned and her skin is peeling a bit, and her lip has a soar on it for a little while? OH, and if you don't know a girl... and you like her... and you are pretty sure she likes you too, but your really shy, how would you show her that you liked her without her recognizing it right off the bat?


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  • what scares me away is a girl who doesn't show interest and doesn't let me touch her

    what draws me closer? a girl whos open to me and honest ect and truly loves me etc

    my toughts are she would have to tell me why she's got the peeling skin and soar etc.

    if I don't know her and I like her than there's really nothing I will do I wait till the girl makes the moves even if I know she likes me etc. and how I'll show her that I like her without her recognizing it right off the bat is she would have to catch me staring even if its just a quick glance but I'm very shy so ill be seeming like I'm ignoring her but ill still know she's there ... but like I said before she would have to be the one to make the first moves etc


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  • First of all, I don't enjoy all caps questions.

    I won't judge you by age but...

    Only our own shyness scares us away. Has nothing to do with you.

    If you show some body language it will draw me closer.

    You don't have to be that specific...I really don't care if she has a mole on her right thigh...

    If you like someone. You tell them...

  • what scares letting someone close enough to really hurt me again. tired of pain. people like me need a completely straight forward answer. hinting at us only works -after- we've confirmed the mutual attraction and feel safe expressing ourselves.


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