Have you ever wanted someone badly but....

Have you ever wanted someone badly but can't do anything about it because one of you is unavailable / already in a relationship?

How do you get out of the rut and the pain of wanting?
Thank you all for your answers. I know I will get over this, for now, it is one day at a time.


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  • Yes. It pains a lot when you want someone a lot but can't get him/her. You can't do anything but to accept the hard fact that you two can't be ever together. This has happened to me once, but fortunately my kept my mind off her by dedicating myself totally to my studies. I developed interest in my field of studies and started doing well in it. Though it hurt be a lot at the start when we used to meet sometimes(though I always avoided meeting her whenever possible), I used to avoid eye contact, almost always looking down. Sometimes later, I moved out of that place and met another girl, I would say better than the first girl. Later on, I learned that I had many secret fans due to my changed habits which included her! About half a decade later, I didn't had any problem in meeting her and accepting her just as a friend.

    We need to learn to walk on the rightful path of our lives no matter what happens to us. Ultimately our patience pays off, and when it does, it IS very sweet. :)


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  • By not feeling like you need to

    I want I want = I need I need

    If you wanted to be with him youd brush it off like dust on the shoulder

  • Imagine him cheating on you with her. That ought to do it.

  • jus try to get his or her foto and then tear it and flush it off... you will feel betta 4 sure.. :)


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