Girls, how frequently do you come across guys who interest you?


Do you like a lot of guys you meet, or only a certain type? When do you know that you like a guy? Do you tend to only think about one guy at a time, or a lot of guys?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • How frequently do I come cross guys who interest me? Certainly not everyday. I tend to fall and engage with guys that have already fallen and engaged with me.

    Do you like a lot of guys you meet, or only a certain type? I have my taste, so it's not a lot of guys I meet. Their personality might interest me while the other guys looks interest me. To get the whole package isn't that easy, though.

    When do you know that you like a guy? When I start thinking about him more than I should.

    Do you tend to only think about one guy at a time, or a lot of guys? One at a time. If it's more than one, it usually means I'm head over heels for more than one guy.

    • Thanks, that's a pretty good comprehensive answer! You mention that you tend to fall for guys who have already fallen for you. If, hypothetically, a ton of guys started showing interest in you, do you think you'd find yourself interested in a lot of them and having a hard time choosing, or would it have the opposite effect of making you more picky.

    • I would go with the one that outshines the rest. But then again, there might be two that outshine the crowd... so I don't know. I definitely will choose between the two eventually. So, I guess this brings us back to the one that outshines the rest.

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What Girls Said 7

  • I'm not sure if this answers the question, but I've only had about 5 or 6 serious "crushes" in my whole life, not including celebrity crushes. There have only been 2 or 3 guys (2 who I met on here within the past year) I've actually considered dating though... not necessarily any of my crushes either, because most of those were in elementary school or junior high.

    • why do you think you've had so few crushes in your teen/adult life? Was it because you had a crush on one guy for a long time and weren't looking at other guys, or something else? Also, what about mild crushes (like the kind where you might forget the guy in a week) or do you not get those?

    • I've had a few milder crushes too. I was only counting the ones that were significant. But yeah, most of the time I only like one guy at a time. But there have been two times where I was interested in 2 guys. The funny thing is that there's no rhyme or reason to the crushes I've had. They've all been really different, so I can't really say I have a type or preference of some kind.

  • I meet lots of guys that interest me..

    Between work, softball, the internet and my friends friends and co-workers...

    But I also lose interest quickly..

    • why do you lose interest so quickly?

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    • Last part isn't...if a guy is not interested in you for more than sex, then you shouldn't be interested in him either. The rest is subjective to personal preference, but there's gotta be some nice guys out there for you somewhere.

    • People can be interesting.. without wanting to f*** them...

      and some guys are more pushy and impatient about it..

  • ohhhhhhhhhh I like very very few guys. I'm in my early 20's and have liked maybe 6 guys ini my life. I guess I'm picky.

    i can tell if I could like them as more than friends after maybe one minute.

    • lol, is that so? That's probably a good thing in some ways. Was there a trend in the 6 guys, or was it random?

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    • Really...all players? That's no good! Oh, and is there any particular reason for why your tastes change so drastically each time? And when you're going through one of these phases, do you go out of your way to look for guys like that?

    • yea I know players are no good, it just seems that I'm attracted to them.

      i don't think there's a reason, it's just me, I'm confusing lol I have the same phases with music, places, food,...let's just say I easily obsess over things. and I only rarely went "out of my way" to look for them. it's more that I reject everyone else but I say yes to them. although right now I do go to a lot of"latin places" like concerts and reggeaton/salsa parties. but it's because I dig the music and love to dance

  • A few guys per year really. It takes a while before I really become interested. I don't meet many guys I am interested in. So it's usually one at a time for a couple of months before I meet someone new. I'm not terribly picky but I have a higher tendency to develop an interest in one of my guy friends because I know them better than someone I just met. I know I like someone when I look forward to seeing them and I want to be around them, hence the reason I tend to go for the guys who are already my friends.

    • So if you were a room full of tons of guys you'd never met before, you probably wouldn't become interested in any of them? Would you want the more handsome guys in the room to come over and start flirting would you, or it wouldn't make a difference because you don't know any of them that well?

    • I'd strike up a conversation or two with guys that I noticed (doesn't mean I'm interested, just that I might want to get to know them better). Handsome doesn't mean much, so not much of a difference there. I can flirt with a guy and have fun but that doesn't mean I'll remember him in the morning.

  • Id say I meet a lot, but then usually there's only one of them that I am really interested in. If he behaves well, is funny, cares at least a bit and mature, than I pick him and forget about the others

  • I honestly spend a lot of time walking around places with my iPod on just chilling to the music going from class to class at Uni or walking to work ( my social life is near dead) and I don't really pay attention to the people that walk past me ( at least half would be guys) so it's rare that I'll look up and see someone I'm attracted to.

    I know when I like a guy when I can't wait to see him next or when I don't want the conversation to end.

    I think about the one guy often, especially if I've just seen him at work, Uni or was in a dream I had lol.

  • i see hot chicks or dudes, but its like I look at them and then forget them.


What Guys Said 1

  • lol women who think C. Bullsh*t women, it's all the time. If a guy is talking to you, he's likely interested. Not always, but it's a better bet.

    • The question is about when she becomes interested in him, not when he's interested in her.

    • really ! I nvr know many percent he is likely interested ? lol

    • Ah my bad, totally read the question wrong.

      Interesting then if so many guys don't interest girls, that's a sad.

      And reneewg, as to HOW he's interested, hard to say. Could just be sexually, could be just friendship-wise, could be more. Depends on the guy.

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