Nobody ever calls or texts me back, what do you do when this happens?

so I'm trying to make new friends and setup times to hangout with people to get to know them better. I talk to people in person and they act like they like me and enjoy the conversation we have and then I'll try to setup a time to hang out. I'll be like hey lets go fishing sometime or lets do this. And they are like yeah that would be cool! Then I'll text them or whatever and they will usually text back but then I'll be like hey what do you think about going fishing on such and such day or I'll say do you still want to hangout and go fishing? Anyways the bottom line is rarely does it ever get to the point where we actually hangout in person. Now these are just guys that I sort of know. Obviously not girls cause you guys aren't usually into that kind of thing lol. What do you do when people do this to you and just leave you hanging? I can't do things alone all the time.
Actually there usually the ones who want to go fishing. I'm just the one trying to carry the plan through and make it happen.


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  • Well maybe they tel you that they will hang out with you so that they won't hurt your feelings but in reality they probably don't want to go fishing. Have you ever tried to ask them to do something else other than fishing. What I would do is ask them to pick a place that they would like to go and see how that works. It could be they just don't want to go fishing. But I would be mad too if someone just left me hanging. If that doesn't work find some new people to hang with.


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  • Well maybe they're not the one's for you. Maybe you should try to make some more friends, it will get better in the end don't give up.. let them come to you if they want to hangout


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  • I don't know, get a new life?

    Get a life make-over?

    When someone has this kind of issues I think he/she just have to forget it and start all over. From zero.


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