Guys, a girl you know and have liked for a while gives you her number on an email. What do you think or do?

You started liking and flirting with this girl then after a while of you two getting closer she sends you an email with her number saying she'd like to meetup sometime. You don't respond to the mail but you continue being flirty and close and pursuing her.

What's going on? Why not just call her right up?

I've known him a long time he is a genuine guy. But don't know what to make of this. At this stage the guys around us including his friends are constantly dropping hints about us so why didn't he just call or text me?



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  • I'd think she's interested...and I call or text in the next 24 hrs minimum. However if me and the girl had been hanging out in person from time to time..I'd think its a little strange that she chose email to give me her number. I might think she is a little shy. So, like I said..i'd either call, text or wait until the next time I see her to talk about what she did.

    I'm not sure what his deal is...maybe a little slow..or just needs to be slapped upside the head. Its possible he didn't get the or read the email.

    • The reason I resorted to email is because I don't get to actually see him all that often. but we know each other well. I just think he could have just written back saying "thanks". After I sent it he was away for a while so I didn't see him for a few weeks. but he said nothing about it when he returned. but things weren't awkward. I'm really getting to like him and I'm getting a bit scared really. I've been messed around before so its easy for me to think that, but I don't want to assume that now

    • I would say its time to tell him face to face how you feel about him. Then you will know he knows how you feel... and you will feel better.If he doesn't feel the same about you...then you can move on to someone who deserves you. The best way to NOT be messed around with is using to the point communication...which ends all wondering and guessing on everyones part. Good luck!

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  • I'm not sure what his deal is...maybe a little slow..or just needs to be slapped upside the head.

    what Bassman said.

    ditto that!

  • I just call her afterwards.


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