Tips to date a friends younger sister

Ok so I already asked my friend if I could date his sister an he's OK with it. What would be the best way to get to know her and then eventually ask her out? if she doesn't have a Facebook or a phone?and I rarely see her in person usually its once a every week or two for about 5 min and were never alone
What bout if he knows that I'm a really good and nice guy and he also knows that I never had a girlfriend. Based on that I think he genuinly think he's OK with me dating her.when I told him that I was intrested in her he said he was proud of me because I had the balls to tell him other than try and date her behind his back and he told me go ahead and date her if I really liked her.he also said that its her life and she can date whoever she wants


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  • Coolah to alone, ask to hang (place, time in mind) and let her know if she will know others...have a plan, no matter what.

    If she says No, live with it, don't push. My sister, (younger) would ask me about guys sometimes, get back to guy.

    Be slow, and chill...

    Never know...

    • Update: then go for it. If you don't ask her, you'll never know. Like I said, have a plan, don't be vague...

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  • I'm going to agree with the girl below, probably not the best idea, but you should try asking her to step out with you for a minute, and ask her if she'd like to hang out with you (be clear you're asking her out.) And for the love of god have a date planned.

  • I think even if he says yes, he might just be saying so he doesn't cause any trouble between you and him. I wouldn't do it.


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  • Never date your friends sister. It's the bro code. Her best friend is fair game though.


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