How do you get over first date jitters?

I have a date with my crush this weekend. I'm already nervous.

How do you or would you get over those first date jitters? What subjects would you bring up to fill-in those awkward moments of silence?

I'm going to clam-up I know it, so any advice would be appreciated!


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  • Well, you like him for a there shouldn't be too many times of awkward silences.

    First date jitters are normal. After being in the same relationship for 8 years, I recently got back on the dating scence and its been terrifying. Technically, I've never really dated before since I was in a relationship since 16. Here's the things I realized...

    No matter how you want it to be, the first date won't be perfect. Why would you want it to be? If you guys get into a relationship, you'll have funny stories to look back on lol.

    Also, there will be times of silence, but just say things you've always wanted to say to him...obviously they have to be appropriate for the situation, but it will kill the silence.

    Also, don't talk about the weather lol.

    From a guy's point of view, we're always advised to talk about the girl...what she finds interesting, what she does, etc. So if he's the typical guy, he'll probably be wanting to talk about you.

    Also, I won't speak for all guys, but most of us like honesty and straight-forwardness. We don't like the games and so forth, so if there's something you want him to know, or something you think he should know about what you want in a relationship and such, tell him.

    Just know, he's in the same situation..I'd be willing to bet that he's trying to think what to talk about, how to avoid silences, how to look good, and so forth. Its mutual...just be yourself and it'll work out :)


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  • Just breathe and have positive thinking.


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  • Music...

    Music has never failed me...


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