I met this guy online would it work

I met this guy online he's great been talking for sometime and well I'm falling for him , he feels the same . We Skype call text and agreed to see how far things could go. We're suppose to meet in December and I'm excited but even if we hit it off and I think we will I still have to return home after. Will it work had anyone had any happy endings with long distance relationships


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  • With how things are now on the internet, I would say finding a partner online is quite feasible. However, I'm not entirely sure about the whole falling for him thing. People are often very, very different online than they are in real life. Even though you're Skyping, you're still not actually face to face with someone. All I can say is be careful.

    The girl I'm currently somewhat speaking to is only a few months removed from a relationship with someone she met online. They spent 5 years together, but what I know of him is pretty appalling. He was abusive to her, and I don't want to have her revisit that time of her life so I don't ask much about it, and she won't tell me much about it anyway. She has said he did things so bad that she'll take them to the grave with her. All I really know is a couple specific stories and she said she's terrified of corners now, and at one point she was talking about her vision and she said she had a detached retina at one point and I asked her how she managed that, and she said she couldn't tell me. I am pretty sure that means he did something to her to cause that.

    Don't let that turn you off from it at all, just be mindful that while you think you know the person, you still don't actually know them yet. Make sure you do know them before you actually determine your status of falling or not.

  • it would work if both of you make the effort.


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