Guys: What are some signs you still have feelings for a girl?

So guys, lets say you think you are over her or that you don't like her anymore but then you realize you still feel something for her.

How do you tend to act around this girl you still have feelings for? What are some obvious signs you're still into her?


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  • If I think about her a lot.

    • Aww :)... so would you try to contact her as much as possible?

    • Depends on why I stopped liking her in the first place.

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  • If I can't get her out of my head.

    If my friends say/do things that they wouldn't normally (such as offering support and stuff - them seeing me being rattled after seeing her or whatnot).

    Lots of thought about why things didn't work out, what could have been done differently.

    Then eventually after time, all those things go away and you see the relationship for what it really was and you get over her. But that time between is hell.

  • You still look at her with lust in your eyes and smile when she looks at you. You also try to isolate her and talk to her if you can. You look for opportunities to be alone with her to tell her how you feel. You hope that she likes you as well and want the same thing you want.


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