Would you be a wingman? I need a guys point of view.

I am totally confused at this point. Weird things keep happening to me at gym, it just seems like there's no end. It was fun at first, not going to lie, but now I feel like I'm being monitored.

First it was this: link

Then, it was one of the trainers trying to ask me out,.

Now this happens- My friend and I were doing cardio when a trainer that used to train me comes up to me to persuade me into taking more sessions with him. After he's done with that, he asks if I know some guy he's been training. Main point is the guy he trains apparently thinks I'm the prettiest girl at gym and he likes me and wants to talk to me. My trainer was literally begging me to be civil with the guy. He said "please be nice to him for me" at least 10 times. No I am not kidding. My trainer continued saying "I owe you big time if you only wave or say hi when he comes up to you" and that "he'll do anything for me. All I have to do is text and ask him." I was just like to him are you bsing, because last time I checked, the trainer wanted me. So it's not really adding up. Why would the trainer try so bad to hook me up with a guy he trains? I mean, it's OK to ask me, but not literally beg me to be civil with a stranger dude and that he'll do whatever and anything I want. Anyway, the trainer later admits the guy he trains talks about me with him and blah blah blah.

Throughout this whole conversation, the trainer says that he doesn't blame him for picking the hottest girl at gym and that he would do anything for me if I do him this favor. Oh, and he mentioned the sessios thing two more times. He claims it would be "like old times." More was said, but that's not the point now.

I'm frustrated at this point. I feel like a toy. Both those guys know exactly how uneasy I am, so I don't know what they're trying to do. I don't even know why the trainer is his wingman when he was the first to like me and stuff.

I forgot to add that they're always staring. Yes, they make it obvious.
So this is what my friend think says is happening. Is it true?

Trainer and guy friend are good friends. Guy friend told the trainer how much he liked the girl and even if trainer secretly likes you too because the guy friend mentioned it first the guy friend gets priority.?

Now trainer will sit on his own feelings and help his guy friend out. But secretly the trainer knows that guy friend probably doesn't stand a chance if he's going to be the one to initiate.

So, trainer acts the part and is a good wing man while secretly building your relationship with him.

If the trainer can get you to start talking with him through texts and stuff itll open up the door for further communication down the road

"Sorry things didn't work out with my friend. Want to do a session tomorrow?"


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  • This has gone too far!

    I would strongly suggest the next time this "trainer" nut comes over to you I would sternly tell him that "I am working out." This is not the right time for this and it is VERY INAPPROPRIATE. If you don't stop I will let the club manager know & call corporate about your behavior. I have made it clear that I am NOT interested. My friend has heard everything that you said"

    You can mention that you have tried to be polite & that isn't working.

    His begging & repeated attempts have crossed the line. It is inappropriate for any employee of the gym to act this way towards the members no matter if you are the most beautiful girl his friend has ever seen . A one time thing may be OK. I wouldn't put up with it any longer.


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  • Try working out with a male friend? I know a couple of female friends have asked me to work out with them for that very reason. It keeps the rest at bay.

  • Who cares what the reason for his begging was, if you don't like it, just tell him to f*** off. If it happens again, like other guys commented on, tell management of the gym, or corporate.

    and if the other guy likes you, that he should get some balls and go talk to you himself...

  • Clearly they made some type of bet during their session. The trainers like I'm a playboy I've hooked up with the hottest women in the world, this will be no problem. The guy being trained is like cmon bro, hook me up, I'll pay you $100 if you can get her to talk to me. Trainer goes hah that's childsplay.

    As a result, you have to go through this. If I were you, I'd talk to the trainer.. "whatever he's paying you, split half with me and you got yourself a deal."

    • Funny. I asked the trainer if he's paying him. He swore he isn't, and that if he was he would give me the money.

  • Well future wife, all you're doing is majing me curious as hell asto what you look like...

    But. Id suggest speaking to the school councelor.

    Don't want them trying anything.

  • All I got from that was that apparently you're the hottest girl at your gym, and two guys want you

    • Being somebodys wingman doesn't mean he wants me too. He is hooking me up with his "friend." Does not add up to me. :/

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    • Haha yes. They're mid 20's.

  • Just answered your other Question...Are you interested in ANY of these dudes? If not...I would bail..totally willing to discuss this..up to you...(:(:(:

  • Im with sikoo, we're gonna need pics now lol.

  • date me instead?

  • kinda sounds like they both like you

  • they have a mgr there for a reason...say something if it made you feel that way. or go to a dif gym or at a dif time.

    fwiw the trainer wants you too

  • Would I be a wingman? Nah, I've never had that thought or even the close friends to do it. I mean I'd help them out I suppose, but not really my thing to interfere with them and the girls they like.


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