Why hasn't my boyfriend and also father of my baby called me after 3 days on vacation?

I have been with my boyfriend for about 8 years we have a daughter together. Recently we have not been seeing eye to eye because he has not been really helping me out with my daughter so we have been having our issues. we were going to therapy but he said that he rather not go anymore because school is starting soon and he rather focus on that. He then planned a vacation for us as a family but then it was cancelled by the timeshare company so I got upset. He then said he had some cruise tickets that he had won months ago all he had to do was book the cruise. so I was excited about it and we were good. we were on a time limit because he starts school at the end of August so I was worried we wouldn't make it on time. Then he books his 10 day vacation to costa rica before our cruise his excuse was that he hasn't seen his family in 7 years so he wanted to go. he said when he comes back we can go somewhere but probably not the cruise. So I was upset and told him off I told him he was selfish and didn't prioritize his daughter and myself. He got mad and we didn't talk for like two days. Then one day before his flight left he called me and me and our daughter went to his house to be with him. he was so busy packing he didn't have much time for us so then it got late we said goodnight and I went home. He asked if we wanted to go with him to the airport and I said yes so those were our plans. The next day his flight left at 1pm so I called him at 11am and he rushed me off the phone and said he was on his way to the airport and was running late and didn't have time to pick us up to go drop him off anymore and promised to call me back before his plane took off. I was already mad because of this but on top of this he didn't call me back to say goodbye before he got on the plane. I was just so mad and hurt that all I could do was cry. That was on Saturday but it is now Tuesday night and he has yet to call or email me and I don't know why he is doing this. I feel like we don't even matter to him. I spoke to his mother and she had spoke to him he had called her but somehow couldn't find the time to call and check up on me and his daughter. It has now been 3 days and I have yet to hear from him I feel so hurt by his actions and I don't know what to do. Should I break up with him when he gets here or what?


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  • Baby Mama Drama! My guess is he's trying to do exactly what you think he's trying to do. Good news for you is maybe he isn't having much success.

    • what do you mean what I think he's trying to do?

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    • Thats sweet but I can't help it I feel so helpless and betrayed.

    • Sorry. I know it sucks, but you'll be better off in the long run if you dump this zero and find someone better. Stick it out if you need to in order to do what's best fo your kid, but keep an eye out for a better answer.

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  • Why the hell didn't he take you guys with him to costa rica? He could've made that into a family vacation. He does sound selfish to me. I'd have a good talk with him when he gets back and tell him how you feel. Tell him he needs to stop putting his own selfish needs before you and your guys daughter. I mean wouldn't his family want to see her too?

    • his mom payed for the whole trip he doesn't have the money out of his own pocket to take us all.

    • if you were in this situation. what would you do?

    • I would tell his ass he needs to straighten up and spend time with his family and help with the kid or you're leaving him and immediately file for custody. And I'm serious about that too. If you do leave him it is imperative you file right away.