After 4 months of break up-he wants to come back?

I got an email from my ex after 4 months of break up telling me the following:

"I never wanted to break up with you. It was a timing issue. I was not ready to get married. But I have realized a lot and changed a lot. The reason I broke up with you on the phone is because it was hard for me too. It was not like I did not have feelings for you. I really want you to know that you were the best friend I have ever had, apart from everything else. Life is short and whatever we experienced together was real. I drop by your house tonight and it brought back tons of good memories. Those memories are part of me. I feel like this is a bad dream that I am going to wake up from..."

Okay, so I did not respond to his email. And he is not saying he wants me back. But why is he sending me this email after four months of break up? I am confused?


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  • He doesn't want to beg as he is smart enough to know it conveys weakness. I say the biggest risk is the one you don't take. Give him some sort of answer so that he can ask to meet, and maybe you guys can work out your differences that led you to breakup to begin with.

    • Yes I agree with you he does not want to show any weakness and probably waiting for a respond so he is just testing the water but to be back off if she does not seem keen on talking.

    • Thank you for your input!

      I feel awkward reponding to his email after 10 days. I was confused in the beginning and did not know what to think of; whether he is giving me a closure or he is trying to come back. Therefore, I did not respond. I also heard from a mutual friend that he is going to this place that I go there on Tuesdays. I think I will run in to him sooner or later, because he knows I like that place and he just stared showing up. I missed last Tuesday but I will be there next time.

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