Would you ever go on a blind date?

Would you ever go on a blind date? Have you ever gone on a blind date?

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Thnx guys and girls


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yea, I would go on a blind date. What do you have to lose?

    So what if it sucks? There is a lot of things in life that do suck, and probably are worse than a blind date that isn't going well. At least it's a story to tell, right?

    You can gain a lot from a bad experience.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I would never leave the house blind folded.

    • Too bad because I love driving past your house at night.

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    • I thought you were homo -- that's why I thought you smoked figs. No?

    • close but no rubba

  • No, never again. Blind dates suck.

  • I would.


    • I agree with goldgungirls. As long as I was told he was attractive.

What Guys Said 3

  • Sure, why not :)

    I think women would probably be a bit more hesitant to do it though, just because they'd be worried about ending up with a total creeper for a date. But for me, I'd be totally fine with it, as long as I was told she was attractive. I wouldn't want to do it out of desperation, though. In fact, it'd be best if it was just like a group date or something (with the other two people being a friend and his girlfriend or something) just so that there'd be a bit of an excuse to be going on the blind date.

  • I don't know honestly. It depends on my mood at the time, and with my horrific luck it may not go so well or it may go better than I'd expect. Guess I'd have to see.

  • I haven't. It would depends on who is setting us up. If it's a good friend, I would probably trust their judgement.

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