Does this mean he's playing with me??

It's this guy I like A LOT! and we were spending a lot of time together- going grocery shopping together. Everyday as soon as he get off work he would stop by my place, sometimes we sit and talk for hours, he cooks dinner for me a lot, and we even went as far as falling asleep together in the bed watching tv. We didn't have sex or anything like that, we just slept with his arm around me. SO one day I went over to his place and his friend was there(it's a guy) and it was getting late and the guy that I like just left and he didn't say anything to me. So he didn't come by my place today what does this mean? Is he seeing someone else?


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  • My guess is he wanted to have sex even though he made it seem like it's okay to lay up. Now he's playing hard to get by ignoring you that way as a form of get back. Then again, he might like the other more then you...hummm?

    • But you do agree he has someone else though right?

    • Maybe, maybe not. It's a cat and mouse game. Have you ever heard of a mouse chasing a cat?

  • I feel like he might have left in a hurry (accident)or maybe he thought you were into his friend and got mad or upset. Any chance you were sending mixed signals?


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