Guy is too good to be true?

So we are both single. He hit me up through Facebook status I had about a track race. we went to same school but he just graduated. I didn't know him much but for some reason things got good & we ended up exchanging numbers. its been exact a week since we started talking. We have a lot in common & we Haven't had a dull moment since. He seriously says all the perfect things I could ask for. He respects me & I can tell by the way he texts me. However, I was really light headed one night & we started sexting till 5 in the morning.

We never met yet, but he has been wanting to meet me. I just been busy or stuff comes up in my schedule. He talks about the future now & then but he has been broken hearted a lot & he just wants a girl who can love him back & just be in a serious relationship...ever been in this position?

Girls: did you ever met a guy like this? how did it end?

guy: were you ever like this to one girl in your dating life?

you guys can add more advice if anything :)


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  • It is possible, but if you're talking dirty a lot, be warned, it could be more sexual, than relationship

    • So true. I realized that after I posted this. So I tested him & see if he would stop & he did. He said he doesn't want to always talk dirty & he loves the "bad" side of me but he also wants to fall in love with the good me :")

  • He sounds clingy.


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